The Best Guide Tips To Travel Around Nha Trang – 2018

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  • The Best Guide Tips To Travel Around Nha Trang – 2018
  •  – The local person: they’re the best honest and friendly to asking anything, if you’re get lost , they will be kind to show you the way to go back or you finding some restaurant, name street … they’re the good friend to help. But, some they can’t speak english or your langue, they will talking with Vietnamese language or body language then you must to ask who’s young or student, some staff work in shop or tour desk to get easy help.
  • – The Street Seller: almost they came from other city from the north of Vietnam, why they’re here? they were born in poor village, some villages had far away the central city, poor of school and no job. Some man in a family working hard everyday to earn the money and food for the family (also they had many childs, at least 4 kids in a family) when they can not handles, the man will move to the big city to find a job and sent the money to his family every month, his wife will stay in house to take care the kid and teach them how to planting and working. Not so hard to meet them on the street, they selling many small things in their plastic bag likes: zippo, cigarettes, handle mirror, sun glass ..ect everywhere at the night market, bar, restaurant, other places with many touristms. When the man feel this place is easy to living, he will bring his family come to stay. In the end, you can see many kids, young/old women and man cycling or walking to sell their things. Sometime they will disturb to you, asking to buy some and…stealing some small things from you. Just pass them and alway keep your asset where you visit.
  • – The Driver: a man on a motorbike (on any street) and taxi driver. Why are they on my list? They’re have a same job but 1 work for himself and 1 work for taxi company. The man driving a motorcycle with his photo album going around the main street to find some guests and introducing his job: “a tour guide – easy rider round trip”. This trip’s popular in Nha Trang, because they will make you free and close to Vietnam life, the price is alright but it’s not cheap, one guide will pick up 1 person behind. If you meet them on the street, you should to ask about which company they work for, how’s the review of them from guest (on google map/tripadvisor..), not only in the photos they showed (people alway smile when they take pictures). They won’t make sure about any accident and non issurance for you. About the taxi driver, they had not good english but they alway friendly to ask: “where will you go today? i had some tour/restaurant with the good price/good services for you” and then dropping you at the place they told you. There’s nothing to say that you paid a lot money for taxi at first and suprise with the high price list they was introduced. First at all, you should to plan your place you want to visit and say “thanks for the recommend, i got another one!!” to them. By the way!! Garb bike and Garb car now available in Nha Trang. travel a round nha trang
  • The Street Theft: they alway had 2 persons in a motorbike, and looking for small bag, cellphone, camera from guest (espect lady), they will keep up and wait for the time to catched. You will see many kind of this human where ever you visit, don’t selfie when you’re driving or walking on the street, make sure that you don’t bring any valuables in your small lady bag, and be care full when you’re in market or somewhere have many persons. when you got trouble with them, or losing your things, you should to come to the police city office to told them what was happen, they will give you some instruction what to do and help.
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